Serak Videos
Serak trains the body for agility, enabling high velocity striking and rapid movement. In a combat situation the opponent’s space is quickly penetrated with a neutralising and devastating series of strikes. ('sometimes called fighting in a phone booth')  At the most fundamental level, students learn to calmy avoid attack until the right moment, when they explode into a rapid-fire of combinations.
The Movements are fluid and continuous based on skilled and graceful footwork. Constant pressure is applied when striking, trapping or grabbing, leaving little time and distance for the opponent to counter attack.
The open-handed techniques of Serak are based on the many weapon skills that practitioners acquire. When fighting without a weapon, all parts of the body are used. Striking points, striking sequences and directions are contained within the curriculum.
This knowledge was designed to cause severe damage or death to the opponent. Many combative systems possess this information,but very few teachers share this with their students unless they have proven themselves worthy.
​​Battle Jurus
 Create fast, powerful and efficient combinations in a short space
Partner training to give you correct body alignment, mechanics & striking points.
Counter for counter & sensitivity drills for timing, speed & automatic reflex. 
Serak Jurus
Movement to train the body to express efficient power, balance and control.